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Hitting Coach Certification Course


From BSBLIQ.COM "After 12 years as a player, and 11 years as a manager and coach, Andy Barkett won the World Series in 2018 as the hitting coach with the Boston Red Sox. In this 1-2 week course, Andy goes through the advanced methods of hitting. The course contains about 7 hours of video, audio, and an additional 3 hours of written material and quizzes. Whether you are a player looking to learn more, or coaching baseball at any level - these advanced principles can be applied from the Big Leagues to college to high school & even younger hitters."

Course Content

Introduction to Professional Hitters - Earning trust from a professional hitter - Critical Elements of a Swing5 Topics - Breaking Down Video - Drill Packages for Professionals - Gameplanning for today's pitcher - Incorporating Data - Dealing with Misc Challenges

Hitting Coach Certification: Welcome
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