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A Young Christian Yelich Talks About Timing the Fastball

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

A few years back, I got the privilege of managing Christian Yelich in the minor leagues and being able to be the manager to let him know he was going to the big leagues, was quite the honor as well. He and Jake Marisnick, who were inseparable that season, both went up to the big leagues the same night, Kodiak, TN. (See picture of them hugging teammates just after they got the news) .

Christian is great kid. Humble. Loves the game of baseball. He always is kind and thoughtful of others. And, he can rake. He has the innate ability the recognize the ball out of the pitchers hand, control his body and execute his swing, like very few have. Vision, rhythm, timing, body control. The following video is from his first year in the big leagues with the Marlins, we were putting together a presentation for the minor league players, and he was the first one to volunteer. His message was clear then as it is now. Be ready to hit the fastball. Train for it.. Make it important. Even tracking velocity is beneficial. Everything plays off the fastball. Being ready for it, hunting it, timing it, day in and day out, have been keys to his success as a hitter. Thanks again Yeli for the words of wisdom. Miss you kid.

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