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Hitting DNA

There are so many opinions regarding the baseball swing these days. Actually, way too many! And, there are way too many "experts" out there. For goodness sakes we have Twitter wars where grown men are attacking each other becasue of different opinions of teaching, which is ridiculous in my humble opinion.

Anyway, in all my years as a player and coach, I've been fortunate to be around some of the best in the game. There are so many things that great hitters have in common: rhythm, timing, swing path etc. However, they are all different in many ways, stance, hand positions, loading action, etc.

When it comes to teaching, of course there are absolutes but we all learn, process & apply information differently. Some drills may work for some guys and not for others. Some players have to see a demonstration, some have to feel it themselves.

The best coaches realize this & take time to get to know their players. We all have knowledge, experience & access to information & drills to share with guys. However none of that matters unless you find out what makes your students tick. How they learn. What resonates with them.

Check out the video below and the quick story that Mike Lowell tells. Tony Gwynn shared a thought with him & in jacked him up! How could the great Tony Gwynn give bad advice? Well, he didn't, all hittters have different DNA and what might work for one guy, might jack another dude up.

Remember coaches, it isn't about you.

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