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Know the Zone

Again, with the evolution of technology in baseball, and so many instructors, with so many opinions, discussing mechanics & drills on the internet, I feel as if the development of the complete hitter can be lost in translation. There is a ton of information out there on the development of bat speed, exit velocity & their correlation to doing damage. However, bat speed without direction, approach, & plate discipline, is useless. There is so much more than mechanics & efficient moves. Now, in saying all of that, I am a huge proponent of teaching the mechanics of the swing & have spent a lot of time with hitters of all ages & skill levels, working on giving them the best possible chance to take the best possible swing that they can. But, the game isn't played in a batting cage, nor is it played with the pitcher flipping the ball or putting it on a tee or pitching machine for the hitter. One of the beautiful parts of our game is the battle between the pitcher & the hitter. "Hitting is timing, pitching is disrupting timing." So true. In order to deliver your best swing, the hitter must prepare, or anticipate for the ball to be in a certain spot or zone. The must also learn to take pitches & get into good counts to be able to take the swing to do damage.

Make sure you are implementing zone awareness, in your preparation. Having a good swing isn't enough. There is so much to like in the video below. MLB player Lenyn Sosa, is working on hitting a certain pitch, in a certain spot. I love the little markers he uses in his work to show where he wants the pitch. I love the discipline he executes in taking pitches that aren't where he is looking, and finally, I love the way he repeats his move & sticks his finish. Again, this is how professional hitters work.


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