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Mental Game Gold

“Walk up to the plate knowing you’re not gonna get out. If you have any doubt whether you’re going to have a bad swing or going to get out, you’re going to get out. This game will put you down quick. You have to pump positive thoughts in your head. Baseballs hard.” Mike Trout

I always say,

“Self-doubt is the best pitcher in baseball!”

In my travels throughout the minor leagues and even throughout the major leagues, I’m often Encountering players who are struggling at the plate. Normally, the issue they’re having has nothing to do with her swing. I fear of failure, fear of the fast Bob beating you, fear of striking out are all very real issues that players deal with daily, even superstars! Mike Trout gives us awesome advice above, with a mental game routine of his that can be applied for players at any level of baseball.

Fear is a liar!

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