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The Complete Hitter

Updated: Jan 16

I love this video clip below, it is from my good friend and former partner in crime, Texas Rangers hitting coach, Tim Hyers. There's so many golden nuggets in this brief clip. Tim talks about almost everything else but mechanics,

"You're only as good as the pitches you swing at." So true!!

Having a plan, having approach, being confident in your move to the ball, Are all things that are so important when it comes to being able to hit a baseball. Mechanics are important and definitely something that needs to be learned and worked on every day, however the mental game many times affects the physical game. What we think about and what our approach is, will dictate how our mechanics work. They work together and should be practiced together as well.

Thanks Partner for some great words!

Struggling with your Mindset at the plate? Mechanics? Approach? Confidence?

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