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Battling & Overcoming Self Doubt

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I always talk about Self Doubt as the best pitcher in baseball. In this video below, Tyler Neslony, recently promoted AAA outfielder discusses his struggles & how he has regained his confidence. I really appreciate his vulnerability to discuss his nervousness & how that directly effected his swing & approach. This guy had been swinging the bat like a champ for us the last two years in Double-A, he gets promoted, and the self doubt comes creeping in. Can I play here? Am I good enough? Etc. That is where your mental game has to kick in and capture, then redirect those thoughts. In order to attain that moment in time where are minds are free to let our bodies create, self doubt must be extinguished & the hitter must engage in the battle & go into compete mode. Tyler is heating up and has learned a valuable lesson.

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